Mr. & Mrs. Shawn and Mary Wagner
Clearwater, Florida
Shawn didn't want video the first time he came to see us with Mary.
"Once you see the quality of the product, it speaks for itself."
"You get to see everything that we couldn't see because we were in rooms
getting ready. The video camera captures everything from how people
dance to what messages that they said to us. It was important for us to
hear everything as well as see live footage of our day."
"It's worth every penny" The photos only capture a brief moment in time,
video captures the emotion of the day." Video let's you see and hear
everything that happened that day."

"Why would you want give a relative the responsibility to video tape
something they want to be part of? A professional is going to create
something you'll be glad to see. Once that day is over, there isn't another
chance to go back and get what a non-professional might have missed."
Mr. & Mrs. Paula & Edgar Harris
Cincinatti, Ohio
Copied word for word from Paula's Email:

"The wedding video is wonderful!  You and your staff did an amazing job.
I am so happy we did a video, the pictures are nice but the video
shows all of those extra special moments.  My mom and I watch it at least
twice a week.  You have our wholeheart appreciation for the time and
talent you put in this project.  I know my children and grandchildren
will watch the video years from now.  I am also want to let you know that
I will be sending you a check next week for four more copies of the
video.  Thank you so much."
Mr. & Mrs. Jenalyn & Francisco Keller
From their thank you letter to us;
"Thank you so much for doing our wedding video. We all enjoyed watching
it over and over again. You really did an awesome job. Keep it up! You just
can't imagine how much joy and smiles you placed in our hearts and
definitely our faces! All smiles and laughter.

Again Thank you so much! We would also like to order 6 more copies of
Mr. & Mrs. Dawana & Chris Hug
St. Petersburg, Florida
From a hand written thank you card:
some great footage.

Words cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for your service
on our wedding day. Even though Tropical Storm Barry came, your grace
shined through. You completely went above and beyond and we are
forever grateful to you for that. From helping people from their cars with
your umbrella, to staying late, your efforts did not go unnoticed. We have
talked about you endlessly and will recommend you to anyone who asks!

Our photographer thought you were great also!! It was a pleasure and
honor to have you. May God bless and keep you and your family always!
Thank you again. We can't wait to see the
Love, ( Yes, Love : )

Chris and Dawana Hug
umbrella services too!
"Dawana and Chris Hug kept it all together in spite of a bad tropical storm
hitting right at wedding time. (We've also shot a wedding in the middle of a
outdoor wedding. The event location did their best to relocate the wedding
The first thing I had to do was to help bring everyone, and I mean all 100
family and guests in from a flooded parking lot with 3 inches of water. I only
had one large umbrella. So, one by one, I helped bring as many as I could
in. Thank you to the others who finally stepped foward to assist us.
(Luckily my squish, squish from my shoes didn't end up on the video)

Then the groom had to rent a sound system because the facility did not
have one to provide to them. Fortunately, I used to have a recording studio
and was a former musician, so I helped hook up the sound system for

Everything else was kind of a blur, except once the wedding started, all the
stress was gone and the focus was on the bride and groom. That was was
I kept telling them. "You two are the only important things here today. All the
preparations, rain, and stress, are not important. They are just the
atmosphere. So just focus on the person that your about to marry and
remember why you are here."

Many times, we become the bridal coordinator, consultant, counselor,and
we do our best to relieve any stress that may be present. It's not just about
shooting video, it's about making your day as perfect as we possibly can.

Once Dawana and Chris were announced Husband and Wife, the most
amazing thing happened; A hole in the clouds opened up right over the
outdoor garden area where the wedding was to take place. Of course, the
photographer and myself looked at each other and both of us had a huge
grin on our faces. The lighting looked amazing and we knew we had
something special on our hands. In case you didn't know, the light is best
right after a nice down pour. It just cleans the air.

We were able to capture a lot of creative shots walking through the
gardens. Once we finish the editing, check back to our website for the
finished product."

Brent Dunn
DunnRight Video
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