Brent  Dunn
Owner - Director / Videographer / Editor
We love what we do.  We have produced Wedding Films since 2005.  There is hardly a
better way to work than to share someone's happiest moment in their life.  We capture
those moments and tell the story in a creative way.

Some of our other interesting projects have been to edit footage of the Titanic wreckage.
This video was shown to congress to help secure salvage rights to the wreckage.

We also film many spoting events.  We were excited to film the Ironman 70.8 Triathalon in
Clearwater Beach, Florida.  You can view this film through our site.  We also filmed the
BMX Olympic Trials for the 2012 Olympics.

One of our services that have helped many families is our Sports Recruiting Videos.  So far
we have helped over 20 athletes obtain scholarchips and go on to play college sports.

Our latest venture is Documentary Film making.  We have made a Rocumentary about a
band called The Hazies.  Our next project is a TV Documentary Pilot, soon to be announced.
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