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Mr. & Mrs. Dawana & Chris Hug
St. Petersburg, Florida
Tropical Storm Barry drowns out our wedding day.

"We hope your trip to the Philippines was phenomenal and that you got
some great footage.

Words cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for your service
on our wedding day. Even though Tropical Storm Barry came, your grace
shined through. You completely went above and beyond and we are
forever grateful to you for that. From helping people from their cars with
your umbrella, to staying late, your efforts did not go unnoticed. We have
talked about you endlessly and will recommend you to anyone who asks!

Our photographer thought you were great also!! It was a pleasure and
honor to have you. May God bless and keep you and your family always!
Love, ( Yes, Love : )

Chris and Dawana Hug
Re: Tropical Storm Barry drowns out our wedding day.

"Dawana and Chris Hug kept it all together in spite of a bad tropical
middle of a hurricane, talking about dedication)  Of course, it was
supposed to be an outdoor wedding. The event location did their best to
relocate the wedding indoors, but it was a disappointment to those who
planned such a special day.

The first thing I had to do was to help bring everyone, and I mean all 100
family and guests in from a flooded parking lot with 3 inches of water. I
only had one large umbrella. So, one by one, I helped bring as many as I
could in. Thank you to the others who finally stepped foward to assist us.
(Luckily my squish, squish from my shoes didn't end up on the video)

Then the groom had to rent a sound system because the facility did not
have one to provide to them. Fortunately, I used to have a recording
studio and was a former musician, so I helped hook up the sound
system for them.

Everything else was kind of a blur, except once the wedding started, all
the stress was gone and the focus was on the bride and groom.  I kept
telling them. "You two are the only important things here today. All the
preparations, rain, and stress, are not important. They are just the
atmosphere. So just focus on the person that your about to marry and
remember why you are here."

Many times, we become the bridal coordinator, consultant,
counselor,and we do our best to relieve any stress that may be present.
It's not just about shooting video, it's about making your day as perfect
as we possibly can.

Once Dawana and Chris were announced Husband and Wife, the most
amazing thing happened; A hole in the clouds opened up right over the
outdoor garden area where the wedding was to take place. Of course,
the photographer and myself looked at each other and both of us had a
huge grin on our faces. The lighting looked amazing and we knew we
had something special on our hands. In case you didn't know, the light
is best right after a nice down pour. It just cleans the air.

We were able to capture a lot of creative shots walking through the
gardens. Once we finish the editing, check back to our website for the
finished product."
Brent Dunn
DunnRight Video
Brent Dunn
DunnRight Video
documentary, and a wedding.

I don't think anyone could be farther away from Florida than the wedding
shoot we did in June in the Philippines. It's a 30, plus hour trip. Plus,
taking sensitive and expensive High Definition video equipment in a carry
on made it more difficult. At each screening location, I had to remove all of
my electronic equipment to be inspected.

My wife and daughter traveled with me on this trip. They lost my daughters
bag for a week. We finally received it in tact.

OK, now good stuff. We filmed a beautiful wedding located at Sto. Nino
Catholic Church in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines. The traditional
Filipino wedding had 250 guests in attendance. The colors, flowers, and
decorations were amazing. I really enjoy culturally different traditions
during weddings. A veil and rope are placed around the bride and groom
toward the end of the ceremony. When the bride and groom exited down
the isle, they had a suprise hanging from the archway. The children
gathered around as the bride pulled a rope attached to a decoration
packed with candy for the kids.

Another big reason for us to travel so far is to document the historical
province of Leyte. This is the site for General Douglas McCarther's landing
with his troups to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese occupation
during World War II.  

June is also the time for the fiesta celebration and the Pintados Parade
as well as a time to recognize the local Saint, Sto. Nino. During the parade,
many tribal leaders of dance groups as well as floats will feature a statue
of Sto. Nino.
Brent Dunn
DunnRight Video
DunnRight Video travels to the Philippines to shoot a feature length

Well, I didn't say it was easy over there. After 3 days with a fever, I finally
was on my feet 2 days before I had to film a wedding.

It rains every day there, but we were pretty lucky to film most everything
without incident, until I got caught in a downpour filming an outdoor
Unfortunately the band did not perform during the 2 hour downpour as I
huddled under a rain jacked wrapped over my camera and tripod. I forgot
my umbrella, or should I say my assistant forgot it.

I slept through an earthquake at 3 AM, but not my 16 month old daughter's
screams at 4:30 AM every morning. She was slow to adjust to the new
time zone...........exactly 12 hours ahead of East Coast time.

While filming in the Middle of a Rice field, I had time to talk to the friendly
Carabou (water buffalo to you and me) This is what they are using to farm
with. It was like going back to the 1800's. It was beautiful open country
with mountains in the background. Though, they say to watch out for
poisonous snakes as well a large anacondas that can quickly wrap
around your legs.
DunnRight Video
Where the heck is Lithia?
We recently filmed a wedding July 14 in High Definition at the beautiful
Palmetto Club at Fish Hawk Ranch in Lithia, Florida. What a great time. I
makes a great final film.
There were over 200 hundred guests and I didn't see to many sitting down
in their seats. The DJ (Solid Gold) did an outstanding job keeping things
The groomsmen surprised us when they made their entrance wearing
elaborate and funny costumes, two of which were Elvis and a Pimp. The
Best Man's toast was memorable. He mentioned that he was a man of
few words, so instead "I would like to do an interpretive dance," and broke
into a shortened version of the dance from Napoleon Dynamite.

Finally the Best Man came to his senses and gave a very funny and then
emotional speech to the bride, groom, and guests. Guy's, you will have
trouble topping this one.

Oh yeah, Lithia is 70 miles from us, but located near Riverview, Florida,
about 45 miles from Tampa.
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