Maura & Matt
When you have a combination of a beautiful bride & groom, an incredible bridal party, a
supportive family, great friends, who all love to have fun, you can't help but end up with
one of the most amazing weddings ever held. Of course, it helps to have a wedding
coordinator whose planning made everything seem to flow effortlessly.

This wedding was a Traditional Naval Military Ceremony in the historical Sacred Heart
Catholic Church in Tampa. The swordsmen created the Arch of Swords to usher the
new bride and groom into their new lives together.

We offer the Cinematic Masterpiece as a video package. Our price is based on a face to
face meeting where we discuss ideas to create your original Visual Art.
We can create your Masterpiece completely on our own, or we will take your ideas and
incoorporate them into our Visual Art.

Like a writer, we edit and re-edit our work until it meets our expectations & lives with the
emotion we are trying to capture.

DunnRight Videography
These are Photo's taken directly from our
Cinematic Video footage of a recent wedding
event held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in
Tampa, Florida and The Don CeSar (featured
"The Travel Channel") in St. Petersburg
Beach, Florida.

What is Cinematic?
Imagine staring in your own movie!

Cinematic is a style of filming and editing that
gives video a look and feel similar to watching
a feature film. Each Videographer has his or
her own unique style that usually varies from
video to video. This style usually requires
additional equipment & time to achieve this

We spend many hours  in the edit suite cutting
together hours of footage, applying effects,
creating a continuous video that tells a story.
(this video took 80 plus hours to edit)
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DunnRight Videography

Cinematic Masterpiece
Visual Artistry in Action
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