Business Solutions
We offer a wide variety of video services
Corporate Productions
Large Screen Presentations
Large Screen / Projector Rentals
Live Video Switching

Website Videos
Commercials / Infomercials
DVD Authoring / Duplicating / Packaging
Video Editing
Kiosk / Trade Show Videos
Training Videos
Motivational Speaker DVD's
Political Coverage, Speeches, Platform DVD's
Documentary Films

-Complete Conference / Seminar Video Coverage or Production
On Site video services. We can capture your breakout sessions & produce
customized DVD's for you to sale to future clients.

Live video production services. We can broadcast your speakers or event on our
large screens to make is easy for large audiences to see everything.

-On Site DVD Duplication
We can Duplicate, Print, Package, & Sell your video on demand!
After we video tape your session, we will create a DVD package you can sell
during the conference or seminar while the fires are hot. We will produce the
DVD's, package, and have them ready to sell when you need them most, NOW!  

Our duplicating kiosk rolls out your DVD videos when your customers are excited
about buying what you have to sell. Don't let them walk out the door without
having the opportunity to purchase a copy of your presentations.

Video Transfer Services
Let us transfer and help you archive valuable your old company video's to DVD.
We can also provide you with various formats for Hard Drive storage, web videos,
Media Player's such as iPod's, etc.
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We can service
most any
Business Media
Let us create a
employees and
time and money.
Promote your business services or product through our
"Video Marketing Toolbox"         

More effective than just print advertisement. We offer a 3 way
approach to creating a marketing package to wow your potential
customers and to keep your current clients coming back.

1. Television Advertisement
An effective way to promote your business. Your local Cable TV company can
package your advertisement to include video, but the quality is just not up to par
with an independent producer. We have talented writers, directors, producers,
videographers, lighting techs, & editors to deliver you a professional product that can
be used for a national advertising campaign.

2. Web Media & Social Media
We can teach you how to use the power of the Internet and our professionally
produced promotional video to showcase your product or service worldwide. This
cost effective way of advertising works well for more budget conscious companies.

3. Company Training & Motivational videos.
Used to train new or current employees. Why waste money and human resources by
having one of your employees do the same training over and over again, every time
you hire a new employee. Using training videos pays for itself and ends up increasing
your bottom line.  We can also create motivational videos to push your production
quotas over the top. Create a new video for each quarter for a thematic approach.
This is our new Promotional Video
Check out this sample 30 Sec. Commercial
USA Tax & Insurance Services, Inc. Promo