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The average 4 year college can cost between $25,000 and $100,000 over
a four year period for a full time student.  This is why you must take the
and professional team scouts in order to gain interest in your abilities.

You can no longer sit back and hope that someone will discover you. It is
physically and financially impossible for college recruiters to visit
everyone they might be interested in recruiting. Even pro scouts and big
college programs only have a limited number of personnel to cover the
entire country.

Many athletes limit themselves to a small number of college options,
possibly missing out on a
free college education. Not everyone can be a
Division I star, but there are many Division II, Division III, and Junior
College programs that do not have recruiting budgets.
Recruiting Packages
Why Video?
DunnRight Video.com
Sports Recruiting Videos
Let us help you achieve your goals
Our videographers are trained to film high speed sports action
We film the games and create a player highlight showcase reel
Your player profile & highlight reel will be posted on your own webpage
that is hosted on our website along with your highlight video. Just email
the coaches the link.
We also provide you with the complete game footage on DVD.
We  offer group discounts. You may choose to use our services for a
single player, or split the cost by using our services for the entire team.
All Inclusive (full team discounts available)
1. We will film 3-5 games (more upon request)
2. Includes a highlight reel
3. 5 copies of your highlight reel on DVD with a full color label in
a            protective case.
4. 1 DVD of each full game footage
5. Your own webpage hosted on our website with a player profile          
and your highlight reel.

Game Only on DVD  (full team discounts available)
on a DVD.
2. Parents may split the costs of filming the games and order the copies
of the games individually or as a group. We offer group discounts to
teams who want a copy for all the players and coaches.
3. Parents may then contact us individually to create their own player
highlight reels from the footage.
“A champion is someone who, does not settle for that
days practice, that days competition or performance.
They are always striving to be better.”
Academy of the Lakes vs. FISH Hawks

Ahkil McGill -Running Back, Kick off Return
Sports Recruiting Film